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March - 2009

Each Season, I will add my personal comments to Akilez.com.

Having just gone to WSA in Las Vegas – It's obvious that standard operating procedures are changing. The industry has gone into low gear as the markets correct themselves.
Even places doing well are being cautious.

I believe it's time we all take up a new sport... or, at least learn something new.
I learned how to snowboard recently. I had to put aside my fears to learn a new way of getting down a mountain. It hurts, I'm pretty bad at it... and, I love it.

Design can change everything. Innovation can fuel our recovery... yes, shameless self promotion.

– Joe


Check out these site links.

www.morgancards.com – Increasing awareness. Reducing homelessness.™ Cards that benefit animal rescue.

www.purpledogtag.com – Where you can wear your support for returning wounded Americans .

I was lucky enough to have had a hand designing the dogtags for purpledogtag.com
The purple color is the same as used in the Purple Heart medal and the tags are a strong symbol for all returning soldiers.



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